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McCuskeyGroup is a consolidated firm operating across real estate and natural resources investment, property management, and consulting services. We are proudly family owned and operated since our beginnings.














Peter J. McCuskey
Chief Executive Officer

Pete McCuskey is a seasoned leader with over 45 years of extensive experience in commercial facilities operations, property management, building construction, and construction trades. Pete’s experience includes management of industrial, commercial, and residential projects in capacities including operations foreman, property director, operations director, and Chief Operating Officer. Pete has managed operations with over 1,000 employees and annual capital expenditures exceeding $20 million. Pete maintains numerous relevant industry certifications and trade licensures and is a General Contractor and Certified Master Electrician.


Ryan W. McCuskey, JD, MHA, PMP
Chief Operating Officer

Ryan McCuskey leads organizations in their transformative efforts in the areas of technology implementation, corporate strategy, and operational turnaround. Ryan brings a depth of experience from two decades leading projects and operations exceeding $125 million in annual revenue. Ryan’s hands-on approach in improving operational performance strengthens the organizations he serves. Ryan’s experience includes leading conversion of legacy corporate entities to maximize tax and operating benefits, as well as leading project management of construction and activation of a $95 million ambulatory surgical center. In addition, Ryan applies deep expertise in program and project management, information technology, and regulatory compliance to meet clients’ unique challenges. Ryan holds a Juris Doctor and Master of Health Administration from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Arts from Marshall University as well as certification as a Project Management Professional.


Janetta M. McCuskey
Vice President, Technology Services

Janetta McCuskey is a business and consulting professional with over 40 years of experience specialized in the oil and gas industry. Janetta’s experience includes 16 years with IBM, where she was responsible for ensuring systems integrity and financial controls required for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance on behalf of a national leader in the oil and gas industry. Prior to her time with IBM, Janetta was with Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation, where she was responsible for information technology customer support for a leading industry software application. Janetta holds an Associate Degree in Architectural Drafting from West Virginia State College.


Brenton A. McCuskey, PE
Vice President, Engineering Services

Brenton McCuskey is a professional engineer with over 15 years of experience focused on civil engineering. Brenton’s experience includes water systems and structural engineering design with professional engineering firms in Ohio and Pennsylvania, as well as with the Army Corps of Engineers. Brenton’s experience includes site design for a wide array of engineering projects, ranging from small commercial and residential buildings to full hospital campus developments. He brings valuable insight into the engineering and general mechanical considerations. Brenton holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Marshall University and is an Ohio Registered Professional Engineer.


Christopher P. McCuskey
Vice President, Logistics Services

Chris McCuskey leads logistics and operations services. Chris’ experience includes responsibility for specialized multi-million-dollar government inventories, as well as provision of training on behalf of the United States Marine Corps. Chris maintains status as a reservist with the USMC.





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